DENSO® Pipe protection sleeve

DENSO® pipe protection sleeves provide additional mechanical protection for buried synthetic, steel and cast iron pipes and cable casings. The low specific electrical coating resistance means the efficiency of the cathodic corrosion protection measures is not reduced.

Areas of use
In pipe laying and during operation the pipeline is subject to high mechanical stress due to rock impact and rock pressure. The impact absorbing and load distributing effects of DENSO pipe protection sleeves largely neutralize these forces. When pipes are subject to temperature-dependent longitudinal movement, DENSO pipe protection sleeves effect a decoupling of pipe and soil, making axial relative motion of the pipes possible without the coating shearing off.

New laying technologies, in particular for synthetic pipes, such as cutting and ploughing in whole lengths of pipeline, stress the materials. DENSO pipe protection sleeves protect the pipe surfaces from mechanical damage from shear or abrasion stresses.

The use of sand as a filling material often involves high costs, in particular if the excavated material must be landfilled. In many cases, DENSO pipe protection sleeves mean that sanding can be dispensed with . Instead of sand, material with a maximum particle size of 63 mm (coarse gravel, classification as per DIN 4022 or respectively DIN 18196) should be used for the pipe embedding and filling. The relevant regulations for embedding the pipe, filling the trench and sealing, in particular DIN 1610, DIN 18300 as well as the DVGW (Deutscher Verein des Gas-und Wasserfachs e.V. - German Association for the Gas and Water Industries) Worksheets G 462, G 463 and G472 must be complied with.

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